We will sell our SAFESCAN Target Scanner™ NOT at what we can charge, but at the lowest price we can, while still adhering to our mission statement of providing YOU - our esteemed customer - with a superior handheld FMD system second to none - and truly outstanding customer service. This is our Mednovus Pledge of Fairness.

  • And, if for ANY reason whatsoever, a customer is not completely satisfied with the Target Scanner, simply return for a full refund - no questions asked.

★     ★     ★     ★    ★

Please know that we stand behind the SAFESCAN Target Scanner™ 100 per cent. Our commitment to you is to deliver the best handheld FMD system in the marketplace, with exceptional special pricing, and the first-class customer service YOU deserve! YOU WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST AT MEDNOVUS!


For more information:

Kemp Massengill, President & Quality Assurance Director
kemp.massengill@mednovus.com or 760.390.1410 (Pacific Time)

Serious MR Safety

SAFESCAN MR Safety Systems conform with MRI ferromagnetic detection safety documents and
mandated requirements from The Joint Commission (TJC), American College of Radiology,
VA Healthcare System, Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI), and many State Licensure Regulations.

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