SAFESCAN INTERCEPT® DUAL PILLAR SYSTEMS are manufactured in the United States by ETS-Lindgren. These are expertly designed and engineered ferromagnetic detection systems, with multiple patents, featuring:

  • Superior 'real-world' battle-tested performance ( different from a laboratory setting)
  • MR Technologist friendly - straightforward ease of operation without
        confusing bells and whistles
  • Durability - rugged construction to accommodate the most serious/busy MRI facilities
  • Adjustable 'right-sized' sensitivity for your unique MRI environment
       (greatly minimizes false alarms)
  • Various dual pillar configurations are available, including both mounted and
        freestanding versions.

    SAFESCAN® INTERCEPT® DUAL PILLAR SYSTEMS are the most user-friendly, least confusing, and most practical pass-through FMD systems at ANY price.

    SAFESCAN ferromagnetic detection systems are properly used as a
    double-check safety precaution AFTER the patient has been
    medically cleared to enter the magnet room.


  • Serious MR Safety

    SAFESCAN MR Safety Systems conform with MRI ferromagnetic detection safety documents and
    mandated requirements from The Joint Commission (TJC), American College of Radiology,
    VA Healthcare System, Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI), and many State Licensure Regulations.

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