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Mednovus, Inc. is working closely with Dr. Emanuel Kanal, the lead author of the ACR MR Safety Guidance Documents, for needs assessment, practical clinical implementation requirements, and formal testing.

On Dr. Kanal's recommendation, SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNERS have been purchased for all the facilities (42 and counting) of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in the greater Pittsburgh area. This is from Dr. Kanal:

  I am most pleased with the sensitivity, portability, performance, and affordability of the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER handheld ferromagnetic detector and will continue to use it as an integral part of my patient safety screening.
Emanuel Kanal, MD, FACR, FISMRM
Professor of Radiology and Neuroradiology
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We invite you to contact PROSCAN to learn what they have to say about SAFESCAN, and why they chose to deploy SAFESCAN ferromagnetic screening tools throughout their entire enterprise (20+ facilities).

Judith Turner, Vice President
PROSCAN Reading Services
Direct:  (513) 229-7115

Here are typical comments about the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER:

  • I am most pleased with the sensitivity, portability, performance, and affordability of the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER handheld ferromagnetic detector and will continue to use it as an integral part of my patient safety screening.  I love these!  (Prof. Emanuel Kanal, MD, and lead author of the ACR White Papers for MR Safety, with 42Target Scanners at UPMC)

  • I must say your company has the best customer service I’ve ever seen in this business, and I’ve been doing imaging since 1989! (Major Top Ranked Los Angeles University Medical Center)

  • As the Lead MRI Technologist here at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, I can say we have been very pleased with the MRI SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER. We have been better able to serve our Soldiers and Defenders of the US who have had unfortunate traumatic events in the Middle East. Having this instrument has allowed us to proceed with MRI scans which would have been deferred to other modalities based on the radiographic evidence of metal. We have on many occasions used the TARGET SCANNER to make a determination on the safety of performing an MRI exam. This product is a great asset to any MRI facility, and the amount of customer support from Mednovus has been remarkable. (Lead MR Technologist, formerly at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center/Gemany, and now at a major US Army Medical Hospital)

  • I will give the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER the rave reviews it deserves. (Prominent West Coast University 'Top 10' Children's Hospital)

  • The TARGET SCANNER is worth its weight in gold; we use it on every single patient. (Major New York City Teaching Hospital - 20+ Target Scanners)

  • I'm very happy with our Target Scanners and think your customer service is totally exceptional... I appreciate our relationship. (World-renowned Medical Institution, Midwest US)
  • We received our scanner - and we love it! (Regional Medical Center, Alaska)

  • We are delighted with the performance of the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER and with Mednovus. (US Government Research Hospital)

  • It was very nice speaking with you as you provided all the information needed to discuss with my Safety Committee. Thank you for taking the time to educate me about the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER. (Pennsylvania Hospital, now with 7 TARGET SCANNERS)

  • We cannot do without our TARGET SCANNERS. We have 4 you know. :) (Southeastern Hospital)

  • I have been able to use your hand-held TARGET SCANNER before and liked it very much. I have now changed places of employment and would very much like to purchase a TARGET SCANNER for my new facility. (US Government VA Medical Center)

  • The quality of the SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER and the service are both excellent. (Midwest University Health System)

  • The SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER has been a big hit for the first week. As our efforts continue to provide the safest care possible, the TARGET SCANNER has already complemented our efforts. Our directive as of now is to acquire these for all of our Midwest location magnets. (Major Catholic Healthcare Organization - 16 more ordered)

  • Thanks for the GREAT customer service! (Healthcare organization throughout Georgia - 20+ TS)

  • It is a pleasure working with you, and every representative of Mednovus! (Regional Healthcare Organization, Indiana)

  • We received the TARGET SCANNERS. They are installed and working great! (Midwest Hospital System)

  • Thank you for doing such a wonderful job explaining your SAFESCAN products and taking the time to make sure we understand how to use them. Everyone with MEDNOVUS has been a pleasure to work with. Again, thanks to you and your team. (Kentucky Hospital)

  • It is a pleasure working with you and your team. You truly define 'Excellent Customer Service,' and we look forward to a long partnership with Mednovus. (Silicon Valley Group of MRI Centers)

  • Regarding: SAFESCAN TARGET SCANNER, You have a fine product. (An Esteemed Ethical 'Competitor' of Mednovus Selling Ferromagnetic Detection Systems)


We will sell our SAFESCAN Target Scanner™ NOT at what we can charge, but at the lowest price we can, while still adhering to our mission statement of providing YOU - our esteemed customer - with a superior handheld FMD system second to none - and truly outstanding customer service. This is our Mednovus Pledge of Fairness.

  • And, if for ANY reason whatsoever, a customer is not completely satisfied with the Target Scanner, simply return for a full refund - no questions asked.

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Serious MR Safety

SAFESCAN MR Safety Systems conform with MRI ferromagnetic detection safety documents and
mandated requirements from The Joint Commission (TJC), American College of Radiology,
VA Healthcare System, Facilities Guidelines Institute (FGI), and many State Licensure Regulations.

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